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The purpose of this Festival aims to disseminate new perspectives and thoughts on culture, anthropology, art and nature. A window to the world or just around the corner. Promoting audiovisual works by independent filmmakers from around the world whose thematic and aesthetic treatments generate debate, new knowledge and insights. Feature films, medium-length and short films in genres of fiction, animation and documentary. Earth, Woman and Man has the themes of culture, history, art and the relationship of men with the socio-cultural, natural and territorial environment.

In each edition the festival will propose a specific and particular subject deemed relevant. In this edition the subject will be Current Migratory Movements. For this purpose the organization will invite Audiovisual artists who have worked on this axis as well as sociologists, historians and journalists who can open the debate and contextualize the different current migratory phenomena with special focus on what is happening in the European Union and refugees. On the other hand the connection with film festivals from other countries is also encouraged. For this edition it is proposed a relationship with the Italian festival Etnofilm Fest held in Monselice, Italy.


From the selected material 4 categories will be created, each one subdivided in Sample and Contest.

  • Earth, Man and Woman Documentary | Sample and Contest

  • Earth, Man and Woman Fictional | Sample and Contest

  • Patagonia | Sample and Contest

  • Migratory Movements (Edition's Special Theme) | Sample and Contest


Individual or group filmmakers of any age and nationality can participate in the festival. Only audiovisual works created after December 2013 are accepted. Audiovisual works that do not have Spanish as the main language must include subtitles in Spanish. Festival organizers will select audiovisual works that they consider have sound and image quality required to be displayed. The uniqueness of aesthetic treatment and consistency with the Festival's theme will be taken into consideration in the selection of the audiovisual work. Audiovisual works of any length can be submitted. Audiovisual works that promote religious, political or institutional propaganda will be excluded.


The jury will be composed of three members. They will be related to the world of communication, art and culture. They will have the task of evaluating and together declare the winner in each category and honours considered relevant. They must create a written record with the reasons why the audiovisual work was rewarded. The first prize for each category consists of a visual work created by local artists.

The author or authors of the selected audiovisual works will transfer rights to partial or total diffusion of it, since by submitting the audiovisual work to Earth, Woman and Man Film Festival it will be part of the Festival's Archives.


Participants must complete and submit THIS FORM

Send an E MAIL to


  • One or more scene photographs.

  • Brief Biofilmography of all filmmakers.

  • Acceptance of terms and conditions of participation and transfer rights to the partial or total diffusion of the audiovisual work. Must include digital signature.